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Inspire. Motivate. Instill.

These are the words behind IMI Group, a women-focused executive coaching company based in NY. Run by two professional women and mothers, Robin Schoeps-Lewis and Jill Golden Tarnow, who met at Columbia University's Executive Coaching program and from there, the company was born.

We were hired to create the website.The logo had already been designed so the colors of the site were complementary. As with any new company, we needed to tell the world about the services offered- workshops and one-to-one coaching for women planning to return to the workforce or wanting to switch direction.

The company's founders had a very clear vision of the business services and feel for the site, so content and ideas flowed. We added the events app for signing up to their workshops.

They recently ran their first online event -a group workshop on time management, and how to prioritize all the tasks that compete for time with work, motherhood and home life, including strategies on how to avoid being sucked into an online abyss of social media and other non-productive habits. ;)

Check out the site at


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