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Email "Share" For Wix Blog (New) Posts

A few months ago I wrote about how to switch from the old blog to the new blog, with a video to walk through the process ( I was excited to see this week that you can now share those blog posts not just on social media, but also to the email campaign tool in your Wix site's dashboard.

This was one of the features that was missing from the "new" blog, and was sorely missed by my clients who like to create their own email newsletters, so this is a great addition. To share your blog post click on the three dots and then the Create Email Campaign button and it will pre-fill the information from your post to a template and add a "read more" button with the link added:

Wix Blog email Share
Click on the "Create Email Campaign" to it easier to share.

Then the newsletter template will open up with your blog post. Make any changes to the colors or size of font that you want and send to your email list.

If you have questions or need help switching over to the new blog contact me at



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