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Staffing Agency Website Redesign

Quality Staffing, based in Chicago, had a DIY website that was outdated, and gave a rather flat experience for website visitors. In addition, the client had a desire to add instant translation of the website to Spanish. In this redesign, we re-wrote the content together with the client, and presented it in a more readable way, with SEO in mind.

We added micro-animated graphics that are light on load time, and helped to present their services in readable sections. The colors reflected the firm's branding - the client had a desire to keep their logo, since this was on their office and printed materials. However, we limited the site to just a few colors and fonts to present a clean more modern look.

We also added a backend database to dynamically feed a layout feature for their staffing page. The client just updates the database, publishes the site and the new information displays.

For the language translation we implemented the Weglot app- you choose the language and it instantly translates the site including forms, blog posts, and is SEO friendly. As a site owner you can choose to add multiple languages.

We think the result is a more cohesive website experience for both potential employers and employees. If you are tired of your website, then reach out to us to see how we can refresh one of your most important marketing tools and sources of new leads for your business.

You can view the new site here:


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