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The New Blog- How to update from the "old" Blog

If you have a Wix website that was built before the middle of 2018, good chances are that your site now has the "old" blog. They have launched a new mobile friendly blog app and I have made a You Tube video on how to switch it to the new one and introduce what the main differences are between them.

The good news is that it will copy over the old blog posts for you and update the URL's automatically - great in case someone has bookmarked one of your blog posts. You can also add a new post from the website's dashboard, rather than going into "edit site", so if you ask a colleague to create a post for you they can do so easily. You can now also add a blog post on the go using the Wix mobile app, available from the app store.

Check out the video and if you need help, shoot over your question at and I'll be sure to help you.



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