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Wix's Dashboard Tools

Did you know there are tools built into the Wix dashboard to help you grow your business? These include customer communication, email/social media marketing, invoicing, and analytics. Who doesn't need help with all of those? Let's take a deeper look at some of the tools available to Wix website users.


One of the best tools of the Wix dashboard is the ability to create a quote for your customer, that can be emailed. If the customer approves the quote, the quote can be converted to an invoice automatically, and sent via email to capture payment for your goods/services. Independently, invoices can be sent on a recurring basis or created as needed. Quick Tip: create service categories with prices ahead of time. Then when creating your invoice or quote you can just choose the service and it pre-fills the unit price.

Social Media Posts:

One of the most powerful marketing tools for your businesses today is your presence on social media platforms. It's a great way to keep customers updated on new products, sales, and industry trends. On the dashboard section "Social Posts", you can create perfectly sized posts with Facebook/Instagram-ready templates that can be quickly adjusted to fit your brand messaging. Quick Tip: You can download your created post to your devices for manual upload on your schedule or if you connect your facebook/instagram you can post directly from the dashboard.

Email marketing:

Another useful tool for promoting your business is through email marketing campaigns. Similar to the "Social Posts" section, there are pre-made templates for use or users can use past emails with adjusted content. Wix provides 3 free email campaigns a month, with up to 5,000 recipients. Email marketing is an effective and inexpensive way to strengthen connection with clients and keep them up to date on everything exciting happening with your business. Just remember to not send too many; nobody wants to be spammed :) Quick Tip:After publishing a blog post, you can then share it as an email. Go to manage posts, click the three dots next to the post > share> send as an email> the email marketing page will open up. Check it looks the way you want> next choose the clients you want the email to go to> send immediately or schedule a time to send to your clients. This drives traffic to your site.

Wix Chat:

Add a Wix chat box to your website, so that your customers can ask questions as they arise. Even if you are not at your desk, you can be notified on your phone with the "Wix Owner" mobile app. If you are not available to answer questions immediately, customers will be prompted to leave their contact information so that you don't lose out on potential business. You'll be notified in your inbox. Quick Tip: In the app store on your phone, download the Wix Owner app. It allows you to communicate with customers on the go, create a blog post or update a store product. Available for free for Android or I-phone.

Analytics & Reports:

Wix users can get an in depth overview of their website, in real time, using the "Analytics & Reports" section of the dashboard. This tool provides users with insight into where traffic is coming from & how long visitors typically stay on site, important sales information (such as which products clients are viewing and purchasing), and a wide range of reports on sales/business progress to help you make more efficient business decisions. Quick Tip: Compare your stats over the previous year- you might be amazed how you are growing your company. If you see a jump in your traffic on a specific day, think about whether you created a social media post, blog post or had a promotion at that time. Did it result in more sales? If so that strategy was successful and should be repeated.

We hope these tools help you manage and grow your business. If you need any help with any of these, then of course just email us (or try using the chat feature on our site to test it out how it works!)



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