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Wix Code- Added Functionality for Wix Websites

Wix Code, or aka Corvid, was released from beta at the end of  2017. Designers and developers have spent the past few months learning how to implement it in to their Wix sites, including yours truly.

Recently I launched the first site using a combination of Wix Code and the Wix Editor  -A property rental  company that uses a backend database of properties to populate pages that have search capabilities. In this case, the site visitor can search for apartments by "Immediate Availability", "Apartment Size" or by "All Apartments". Each page will display different text and image galleries depending on what the site visitor selects. The company is currently focused on one city but as it expands into different cities, the website will be easily scalable,  an important idea for start ups who plan to expand their businesses over time. Check out the site at
University Property

So how can this help my site?

This opens up a new world for small companies and non-profits, who can now  have additional functionality, without having to hire a potentially expensive developer or programmer.

We can now add :

  • Interactive maps or images - images or information will change on rolling over or clicking on them.

  • Populate all kinds of tables from a database that can be easily updated by you - think about your business and information you would like to display - opening hours, a list of donors, exercise routines, nutrition plans, staff members, team rosters etc.

  • Shrinking headers . - you know those websites whose navigation bar and logo shrink  as you scroll down the page- now possible!

  • Search and sort capabilities of information fed from a database.

  • Customized  forms with dropdown options, radio buttons, multiple choice options, PDF upload  that can on submission feed into a database,  e.g. think of a request for a proposal,  sign up for a class that you offer, or an employment page.

  • Let customer's choose criteria e.g. size, color or style and show items that match that criteria. Then link those items to your online store with a buy now button. See an example below:

This is an exciting new direction for small biz websites - Let me know if you want to explore any of these options on your Wix site.



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