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The visual elements of a website

With the attention span of website visitors being short these days, having photographs, illustrations or slideshows to convey the message of what your business does is a sound strategy. Think less text- more visuals in the era of Instagram.

Visually engaging photos can hold the attention of the visitor for longer and can be used to encourage visitors to click into the site, buy a product, or read a blog post. Or a great background image can convey so much about your brand.

So what are some of the ways to add them to your website?

Create a promotional video - video is proven to catch the eye of customers and to convert sales. It is any easy way to convey your story, highlight a product or upcoming event. There is a new tool built into the marketing toolbox within Wix called Video Maker. Choose whether you want to create a landscape, portrait or square format, add photos and a little text and go...Here's an example. It can be downloaded to your computer, saved to your media files or posted right to social media.

Video use on strips

Use a mixture of image options: Slideshows or Galleries of images -Slideshows with images positionally offset can attract the eye to a product- especially vital for stores products to highlight the latest items on offer. The example here is a series of photos made into a slideshow video and added to a strip:

Full width strips that have photos or videos attached as the background. Seen here- photos are added to columns on full width strips that have parallax, reveal or zoom features, creating movement as you scroll, and they really add a contemporary feel to a website.

Pro gallery with hover

Pro Galleries with hover. Pro galleries offer lots of ways to layout your images with a color hover overlay, where you can add text. These are great for artists, designers, or photographers who want to showcase their work and provide a little background information.

Illustrations can be animated and add visual interest. Add your own if you are creative; you can also upload vector files or .svg files. has pre-loaded a free selection of SVG illustrations, both abstract shapes and useful icons. Why are they so great? You can easily change their color palette to those of your brand. They are also smaller files so load quickly on the site.

Vector Files on your Wix Site
Vector Files Can Be Customized to Brand Colors

I hope this gives a little inspiration for you to update your site or to find a new way to promote your company.



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