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As a small business owner we can get so wrapped up in the day to day of running our businesses that we rarely take time to think about the broader picture, and maybe where we want to be or how to grow in the future. I just attended the Wix Con 2019 event in New Orleans which is organized by the Wix community. This community are essentially all Wix experts, but we are also all small business owners.

The conference was much less about Wix and much more about the owners sharing their stories about what's working for them in scaling up, adding greater returns on their time and effort, business tools, and building revenue streams. There was a lot of aha moments, admiration for my peers, and time for reflection on where I have come to in a short 3 and a bit years. As well as a lot of fun, after all it was New Orleans, I also had so many great conversations with my peers and those connections I think are so important to have. To be able to bounce ideas and to see what others have tried:

  • what does or doesn't work

  • how to and when to hire

  • where to find great future team members

  • how to grow a customer base and develop new revenue streams

  • how to advertise- free vs paid; traditional vs social media

What did I learn? That we are all wondering about scaling up, how to maximize our knowledge and skills, how to build recurring income, client relationship management, and thinking about how to grow this business. I'm sure many small business owners go through the same thoughts but I thoroughly recommend stepping away for a few days and attending a conference in your field, to see what is going on out there. Alternatively join a networking group in your community and learn from your peers.

Let me know what has worked for your small biz!


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