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It was a very good learning year...

As 2019 begins, I want to thank all the customers who worked with me last year, from those who had a thought for a business to those who are well established, it was great to see all the web and social media ideas come to fruition. I continue to learn about your various businesses and my own design field- where technology and software are continually updating and I am learning new skills to share everyday. In 2018, I attended a expert conference in Miami and met so many great people from the company and my design peers from around the globe. That network of friendship, support and knowledge is invaluable. I also spent 3 months sharpening my design skills at the Wix Playground in NY, their full-time design program where we created web projects and learnt about design trends, typography, photography, 3d Graphics and animation, design software, UX/UI design, mood boards/flat design, coding, SEO, etc. It was an experience that pushed me and excited me and I am grateful that I had the opportunity to be a member of it, and the resulting friendships of so many talented people.

I truly appreciate all the recommendations from my current customers- this word of mouth continues to be my best source of new customers- so thank you! In 2019, I look forward to continuing to meet new customers and sharing my skills to position their company with the best website and marketing tools to help them grow. Gratefully, Lorraine



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