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Instagram -Tips & Reminders

So should you be on Instagram for your business? Well that depends whether you have a visual brand. If you are an artist, photographer, landscape designer, make-up artist, a chef or have a fashion brand- the answer is almost certainly Yes! Here are a few tips to help you become an ace.

  • Create an account for your business on your phone. If you have a personal account, add a new account to your profile.

  • Post a picture of your work on a regular basis -at least once a week-more regularly if you have something great to show.

  • Think about who your target audience is and post with them in mind.

  • Add  hashtags (#) to each post. Search for hashtags before you post that relate to your business, location and target audience. Your posts will then appear under those hashtag groups. This is a great way to build your brand awareness.

Some examples might be:

Instagram stories- photos taken throughout the day to form a story. A good example might be at a trunk show for a fashion or jewelry line or for a makeup artist, all the bridesmaids and bride's makeup.

  • Respond to comments e.g." @xcustomer thanks for the feedback. Most appreciative."  This puts a person behind the brand.

  • Be strategic. Take note of when you post and see if there is an optimal time- it is said that 2-5 PM is the optimal time to post- but for your industry you might get better response at a different time and on specific days of the week.

  • You are looking for engagement - likes, comments and new followers -but people just seeing your brand is a good start. As you get more followers, you will increase your brand awareness.

  • Consider adding an Instagram feed to your website. Its a great way to highlight your current work.

Hope this spurs you to become more active on Instagram, as a way to market your company. Feel free to share this post with other entrepreneurs. If you have questions, don't hesitate to email me .



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