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How Do I Get Found Online?

Any new business is reliant on getting the word out there to bring in future customers. Whilst it of course takes time, there are two ways of building your online presence via your website and social media. There are organic and paid methods. Today we will begin focusing on organic searches.

Organic Searches:

When you build your website the content is key for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Content examples are:

  • text

  • images 

  • videos

  • blog articles

These allow search engines, such as Google or Bing, use to rank your presence online.The site and page titles should convey your message about your business with "keywords." Keywords are essentially the words that a potential customer might use to search for a business e.g. Bookstore on the Upper West Side. In the latter example, the business (bookstore) and location (Upper West Side) will be searched for on websites to find words that fit the criteria. Your content should pertain to those search keywords.

Additionally, images should be labeled in the "alt text" box with keywords related to the business.  

Updating your content frequently tells the search engines that you are a dynamic provider of content and that is why having a blog or videos are so important. Blog articles can be distributed to appropriate social media channels with links to bring potential customers back to your website. This in turn raises your brand awareness and potential customers will get to know your knowledge, expertise or product.

It is also important to link your site's content internally to other pages and externally to other sites e.g. a bookstore's website might link to an author's site or some video book reviews on You Tube.

Social media channels such as Instagram (For a visual product), Facebook, LinkedIn, SnapChat and Email Newsletters are other ways to distribute your ideas and products to potential customers. By creating an online presence for your business you create followers and awareness of your brand that will result in more people visiting your website, and hopefully, converting to business for you. 

We will continue to offer tips and strategies for digital marketing.



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