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E-Commerce Updates Webinar

I was recently invited to participate in a live webinar called Wix Boost E-Commerce on Facebook. Our discussion took place during the pandemic lockdown, as many businesses were forced to move to an online only model.

The discussion covered marketing strategies, photography, SEO keywords, and many new E-Commerce tools that have been introduced recently. Here's some of the takeaways:

Drop shipping - If you want to add new items to your store you can check out the Modalyst integration. They carry a range of different products that you can add to your store, set your retail price and then the product gets shipped by Modalyst on behalf of you, and then you are billed for the net price for the product.

Shipping Integrations- if you want to print labels you can now integrate Shippo or Shipstation with your store orders. When you create the shipping label, the tracking number generated can then be shared with the customer seamlessly.

Wishlist- You can now add a wishlist to your product page. On the product page, right click to bring up settings and you will see wishlist. You can customize the look right there.

The site visitor will have to create a member account to save their wishlist. When they next visit your site their wishlist will be saved under their account. When you add the wishlist it will automatically add a members area to your website.

SalesPop Have you ever been on a site and you see a little popup telling you that "so-and-so in CA has just bought this item". This little tool works on the basis of Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO) -enhancing that desire to get something now before it sells out- and reassurance that people are already buying this, so it must be good - and effectively helps conversion to the cart. This really works! Find it in the app market.

I hope you can use some of these tools for your E-commerce business. We covered lots of topics, including facebook ads and marketing tips, so if you have a moment you can watch the recording of the E-commerce Webinar here.


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