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Great Your Website Is Launched. Now What?

Your website is launched. Now What?
2018 Goals

It's a very exciting day when your new or revamped website gets launched, and of course, you want everyone to see it so that you can get the word out about your business. That's the important thing -you have to tell people about your site so that you can be found amongst all those potential customers or followers out there.

 Here are some of the ways:

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

  • Add a subscriber widget to your site to collect emails

  • Blog

  • Social Media Platforms

  • Traditional Marketing

The final part of designing a site is working on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and submitting the site to Google so that you can get found when people search for your service. I do that as part of building a site, but if you have built a site yourself don't forget to use the SEO tools to help you.

Add a subscriber form to your site. This encourages visitors to sign up to your email list to learn about sales, new products, new classes, blog posts etc. A quick easy way to build a following. Subscribers are added to your site's contact list that you can use for future email marketing.

Blog, Blog, Blog! These short posts can be used to market new products, teach and inform your visitors about your expertise and of course your services. Blog posts can be emailed in the form of a newsletter, tweeted, sent to your company's Facebook profile or to LinkedIn, reaching a large audience. Blog at least once a month or more if you have knowledge, news or offers to share! View my You Tube Video to learn more!

Part of my services are setting up social media platforms and blogs so that you can promote your business organically (unpaid advertising). Whilst you don't need to be active on every social media platform its a good idea to set up your profile and have consistency across all platforms with consistent logo, photos, contact info and  links to your website. Try to post regularly especially if you have a visual brand or are selling products, and link everything back to your website to drive traffic to your site so visitors can become even more aware of your brand. Use Facebook Live and Instagram Stories to show your customers how you can help them with your services.

Traditional marketing can be very effective for a local business. Effective ways to get your name out might be through sponsorship of  a sports program where potential customers might see your name, donating to a charity's fundraiser; connecting with businesses that might be able to refer you and you refer them - cross-marketing; connecting with your local chamber of commerce etc. Word of mouth is incredibly powerful at the local level so encourage friends and customers to spread the word about your business. 

Good luck in 2018! Let me know how it goes,




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